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TPS Exclusive Membership Offer


Former TPS members can get $200 off the Charter $999 rate good until Friday at 4pm EST this week only!!

SIGN UP LINK  7BQHWVHQBJ (Coupon Code $200 off, cut and paste into Coupon Field)

READ UP ON OUR LATEST WORK… SOLO up 300%, HYRE up over 100%, SOLY up 40% in 8 days… 

January Research Report on HYRE at $3.50 (Now $7.30)

TPS Launched on October 4th 2017, and our first full year saw lots of twists and turns in the SP 500 as we actually experienced a 12 month Bear Market ABC cycle, this culminated in a washout in the 4th quarter with the SP 500 down 20% from Bull Cycle highs and Small Caps down 27%!

Many TPS Members lost patience at the wrong time, right before we laid our hands on two 100% plus gainers in the 1st quarter of 2019 and now a 40% gainer in just 8 days!  We see a lot of Small Cap opportunities this year!! The next market pullback will provide more opportunities.

As a reminder, our goal is to build one stock at a time over many months into an active long term portfolio which is always dynamic and changing!

  • This year we took 150-300% profits in just 6 weeks on SOLO from $1.25 to $6 on the high end after Bloomberg picked up a piece on the company and published it 5 weeks after TPS!!

  • HYRE is up 100% plus already from our January 2019 report and we think that doubles again!

  • Our latest report on SOLY at ‘$5.57 is now $7.90 as of 8 days later up 40% and climbing!!  We see that one at $16

  • And we have more to come!!!  So if you got frustrated and cancelled out at the panic lows in the 4th quarter, come back in!!

Tipping Point Stocks Objectives:

1. Developing an open and transparent portfolio of powerful growth stock opportunities with regular changes in positions and real time sell alerts along the way to take profits when we have them.

2. Aiming for 50%-200% appreciation on each position with expected holding periods weeks to 6-12 months depending on the movement in the stock.

3. A focus on fundamentals, share structure, management, products, competitiveness, balance sheet strength, profitability, a business moat, catalysts for appreciation, and more!

4. We do all the work so you don’t have to!!  — We read prospectuses, filings, conference call transcripts, contact executives directly and more to find the hidden gems and nuggets other investors are too lazy to discover.

Our goal is to enter these stocks and hold them for several weeks to 3-12 months depending on price action. If we get a 50% plus upside move we will alert to trim the position for profits and monitor. We are much more active in profit taking now.

The preference is to be early to the story that is emerging and not chasing it after the stock has already had a huge run. 

We believe our extensive fundamental research combined with behavioral market analysis packs a ONE/TWO punch when it comes to finding the best long term opportunities to build a portfolio around.

Come back and see why we are second to none when it comes to active stock picking!

Former TPS members can get  20% off the Charter $999 rate good until Friday at 4pm EST this week only!! 

SIGN UP LINK  7BQHWVHQBJ (Coupon Code $200 off, cut and paste into Coupon Field)

-Dave, Chief Strategist.