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Our insights are like none other on Wall Street. Our work centers around human behavioral patterns, sentiment, Elliott Wave pattern analysis, and fundamentals combined. We look to take contrarian positions at key inflection points whether it be a forecast, a swing trade, or a growth stock position. Join us Free today!

I have to thank you. You guys are awesome. I have been moving in and out of sector funds in my 401k based on your information (biotech, gold). I sold my gold fund yesterday, a little early perhaps. But I am up 31.6% ytd. I went over 1 million in my plan and I am only 46! I have been telling my friends about you guys, hope to get you some new members as well as the help they need.  Keep up the great work! Nick

We are known for our Stock Reversal methods to enter with low risk and high upside. We combine fundamental analysis first, then Technical Analysis to  come up with our swing trades and or long term positions. Below are two very recent samples of contrarian type swing trading ideas we provide our SRP premium members every week.

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Below you can sign up  free to get our Short to Intermediate Market Forecast reports delivered via E-mail for free, plus sector, ETF,  and stock ideas at major pivots and extremes. We also covered Gold, Oil, and special situations. Name and Email is all we need, and we do not share your information with any other entity.

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We called the market  bottoms in October 2014, September 2015, and recently in February 2016 with our proprietary pattern analysis, sentiment indicators, and contrarian way of looking at market forecasting. We also predicted a 2050 SP 500 top nearly 3 weeks prior to it hitting in March 2016 with a secret method.  A CNBC comment caused us to call a Gold top on February 11th, and an Insider purchase on February 11th confirmed our Stock Market bottom forecast as well.  Sign up today to get our insights and stock ideas as well, perhaps later you will consider our premium service as well!


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We have outperformed the SP 500 well over 12 to  1 since inception in September 2013. We use a combination of fundmental and technical analysis, combined with sentiment and behavior patterns to identify low risk high reward swing trade set ups for members. Your portfolio will have likely less than half the risk you have now with much better results. Join us today and find out for yourself!- Dave, Chief Strategist

Our entire list of the 60 days of Closed Out Swing Trades March – April 2016

4/29- Sold Final 1/2 WLL for 10% Gains on Full Position

4/27- Sold 1/2 WLL for 8-12% Gains on Full Position

4/25- Sold Final 1/2 SHOP for 12% Gains on Full Position

4/25- Sold OPK for 10% Gains on Full Position

4/19- Sold 1/2 XON for 6% Gains on Full Position

4/19- Sold 1/2 LABU for 18% Gains on Full Position

4/18- Sold 1/2 SHOP for 8-10% Gains on Full Position

4/14- Sold 1/2 LABU ETF for 15% Gains on Full Position

4/7- Sold Final 1/2 LABU ETF for 22% Gains on Full Position

4/6- Sold 1/2 LABU ETF for 24% Gains on Full Position

3/30- Sold final 1/2 CLF for 16% Gains on 5% position

3/29- Sold XRS for 4% Loss

3/23/16- Stopped out ZYNE for 10% Loss Full Position

3/18- Sold 1/2 XON for 9% Gains on Full Position

3/18- Sold 1/2 CLF for 25% Gains on 5% Position

3/17- Sold RH for 4% Loss on Full Position

3/11- Sold UVXY for 15% Loss on 1/2 Position (7.5% equivalent loss on full)

3/10- Sold 1/2 YRD for 10% Gains;

3/10- Sold 1/2 YRD for 22-27% Gains

3/9- Sold DUST at 4.25 for 6-10% Net Gains (5% Position Size)

3/3: Sold KMI for 5-8% Gains

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A 40% One Day Gain in  Swing Trade YRD Alerted on March 9th for our SRP members would have paid for years of subscription, make sure to check into our Premium Service as well!  We have outperformed the SP 500 index over 12 to 1 since September 2013!

From a newly joined member, your market knowledge and insights are invaluable, and I will more than likely extend my membership to continue receiving them.
Thank you, S.H.- SRP Member 3/7/16
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 More samples below of our Free Service advisories…

TRVN up as high 120% from March 2015 report to SR Members  ($5.80 to $13)

cnce tweeet


You and your team deserve all the success you are getting! You are making a big difference in our lives, helping us not get too shaken up when the rest of the market is panicking around us.  All the best!
Michael Hsu- SRP Member 3/13/15


Why Bother? We called the Gold rally in our Weekend Report on 8/9/15 from 1089 to 1160 well before anyone got on board.  We said MUX was  good Gold stock to buy, it ran up 40% in 9 days!

We told our subscribers to sit on their hands and go to the beach, days before the 5 day market crash in August 2015.

Our March 13 2015 BUY report on TRVN at $5.80 which then soared  120% on good data!

Our July 28th Report on STRP ran up 47% weeks later

93 sr trvn update chart

We also E-mailed a Post IPO report on AVOL in later 2014 at $18.50, its now at $30 9 months later up 50%.

sr twit avol

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Your advice is amazing… I really just need to follow your every move. Thanks for providing such great advice and guidance.- Andrew B. SRP Member 4/1/15

I’m a very enthusiastic recent member (since late Dec. 2014).  I have never had a run like this.  Really appreciate the great long calls and the timely swings.  Keep up the great work. Blessings… Daniel H.  SRP Member 3/4/15

Why opt in for our reports?

Our track record is off the charts good at finding massive growth stock gainers before the crowds: In addition, our SRP Premium trading service has beat the SP 500 over 12 to 1! Free Research Report Samples:

chrs twits2

100% Gain!

TRVN– We emailed our full report out and also published it on SeekingAlpha on March 13 2015 at $5.80 per share.  The data came out in late August and proved us right, stock is up 90% since our report! (Even in a down market)

54% Gain!

JUNO–  We e-mailed out a bottom buy alert on 5/5/15 and just 4 weeks later the stock had soared 54% climbing from $44 at time of our Email report to $68, all time highs!

175% Gain!

TASER–  Written up in 2013 at $12 per share, we identified the new Body cameras for Police as a disrupting product cycle ahead for Taser.  The stock has gone from $12 to $33 in 17 months for a 175% gain

130% Gain!

CHRS– Written up in November 2014 after the IPO at $14 per share. We identified “Biosimilars” as the next big thing in Biotech drug development.  The stock ran from 14 to 32 in the few months that followed our report for a 130% gain

600% Gain!


BLUE- Recommended Bluebird Bio in late May 2014 after the Biotech sector had been hammered. We said they were curing forms of Blood Cancer.  The stock soared from $23 to $134 in 12 months for a 600% gain.

100% Gain!

DATA–  We called them “The Next Microsoft” in the fall of 2013 at $55 per share.  The stock since doubled as they transformed data analysis from the old spreadsheet model to a graphical interface model and customers have soared.

These are only a few of about 50 reports we have written up of which 90% have risen 25% or more since our 9/1/13 inception.  Join us today before our next report is sent out (usually 1-2 per month).

Others: ZLTQ 18 to 33 80% ; QURE 18 to 34 in 2 months for 80%; TRVN 5.75 to 8.25 in 3 weeks for 35%;

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