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Weekly Elliott Wave Forecasts and Trading Ideas Report


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Weekly  Stock Market and Trading Strategies Report Week of Feb 10th

This Week:

  • Biotech chart and projection update
  • Fear and Greed chart and notes update
  • Trading advice
  • Wave 5 underway to highs
  • 3x ETF service updates
  • SP 500 updated charts long term and short term wave counts
  • Swing Trade ideas and more!

Recent results and notes: Stock and ETF Swing Trading Results

We took gains on BLDP of 8-11% on 1/2 the trade, gains of 8-10% on INMD and then 3% after that on each half, and alerted a few new positions as well during the week.

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We just hit for a 16% profit this past week on LABU (3x Bull Biotech) as we entered it the week prior when the market was pulling back hard. Track Record is online, join for just $40 a month and pull more money from the market bull or bear! 

We solely trade 3x ETF Bull and Bear pairs as the market dictates based on my behavioral pattern analysis, truly revolutionary trading methods. 

Short Term and Long Term Elliott Wave Views for the SP 500 Index

Short Term:  Wave 4 completed at 3214 area, smack dab on the target I put out for a minimal retracement from 3337 highs of Wave 3 of Int 3. See updated daily chart, targeting 3400 area initially for Wave 5 of Int 3

Long Term:   (Wave 3 of Intermediate 3 of Major 3).


  • The long term Primary Wave 5 up from Feb 2016 lows continues
  • Now in Major Wave 3 up from the 2345 lows of Major 2 in Dec 2018. This Major 3 has 5 intermediate waves, and we are in Intermediate 3 which is very bullish, but in the last stages of it.
  • Intermediate 3 is made up of 5 full waves, we are working on the 3rd wave overall, having completed the 3rd of 5 of 3, recently the 4th of 5 of 3, and now in 5 of 5 of 3 to complete the Int 3 move. See weekly chart.


Long Term View:  Int 3 of Major 3 underway since 2728, 3400 minimal target to complete

Larger degree Wave 4  completed at my projected 3215 area on 1/31/2020.  Now in Wave 5 of Int 3 up.


Click to Enlarge

Short Term View: Wave 4 bottoms at 3214, Wave 5 to 3400 plus underway

Wave 5 up of Int 3 underway from 3214 low. Projected that 3215 area well in advance and hit it spot on. Now looking for 3400 plus possible. We ran up about 140 points off the Wave 4 lows, so a minor pullback is underway now.

Click to Enlarge

Market Notes and Indicator Charts: 

The market bottomed out in ABC pattern fashion to 3214 spot on with the forecast given the week prior to the bottom. Now in a 5th wave overall of Intermediate Wave 3 up, we should top in the 3400-3515 area loosely. Once  completed a larger degree Intermediate Wave 4 will correct the entire advance from 2728.  Then Intermediate Wave 5 should take us to all time highs to complete Major Wave 3 of Primary Wave 5.

  • Biotech XBI ETF  bottomed exactly in the 88-89 price window I gave two weeks ago.
  • We are long NUGT ETF in the 3x ETF service for possible reversal higher as of Friday
  • We hit LABU (3x Bull Biotech) for 16% gains this past week, playing the run off the projected bottom!
  •  CNN Fear/Greed chart updated with notes

XBI ETF (Biotech) hit my 88-89 projection made two weeks ago, could continue large rally in a Wave 3 up pattern.


Click to Enlarge 

CNN Fear/Greed Chart

Wave 4 of the correction in the SP 500 bottomed at 3214, and the Fear index bottomed at same time. More confirmation markets move on behavioral patterns, not news per se.


Click to Enlarge

Weekly ideas and tips on Swing Trading Success:   Avoid Intra-day Hard Stops

This is not a hard and fast rule, but for 90% of the trades we deploy we do not use intra-day stops.  The reason being that stop losses are often ran by algo’s, computers, and or traders in a panic.  This can wash many people out of a perfectly good play and cause multiple stop losses during the year for a trader with no real traction. Often when you stop out for a loss, that same stock will reverse and head up 8, 10, 15% from the point where you sold.  Once you have taken the loss, now you must replace that stock or ETF  with another position that can rally 8, 10, 15%  in that case.  To avoid this happening to often, I look for strategic max pain points that are most likely NOT to  trigger a stop near the close of the trading day, only intra-day where we hold.  This has worked in our favor over and over again at SRP. So try to avoid hard stops during the day, wait till within 5 minutes if possible of the close before taking a loss. Let  the nonsense play out first before you over react.

Swing Trade Candidates:  A list of ideas to consider for both SRP and SR members.

Updated 2/8/2020-  

This is always a good place to start some research.   Consider this another “Idea” lab for you as a trader.  SRP members get actual alerts in real time on various positions, some may or may not come off this list.

This week as usual we have an updated list of some ideas for the intermediate window in addition to or in concert with open SRP positions and or possibly future trade alerts. Quite a few stocks are in uptrends, these are some that are consolidating or may break out.


4 week consolidation near uptrend highs.  Provides Textbooks, Digital Products and E books to students.


9 week base near highs for Bristol Myers. Diversified Oncology, Immunoscience, Etc blue chip


8 week base for Vaccine maker that recently completed Phase 3 successful trial results in early January for US, Canada, Europe. Could spur partnership or buyout ahead.  SRP Long position as of Thursday.


Advanced Phase 3 stages using Endocannabinoid Human based receptors to target disease. Recent $6 capital raise announced Friday morning may pave way for higher prices.


8 Week base near highs, some volatility but we still are long this position at SRP. Chinese express delivery service through nationwide network.


12 week Post IPO base pattern. Develops and sells ready to drink protein drinks.


Clearing house for insurance quotes etc.  On and off our list of late.  Post IPO base near highs.

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