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Weekly Stock Market Forecast and Swing Trading Ideas Report




Weekly  Stock Market Forecasts, Charts, and Swing Trading Ideas List and Strategies Report

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 General Market Summary plus Swing Trade Ideas List: 

Updated David Banister Market and Elliott Wave Views on SP 500 and more plus the weekly swing trade ideas list is at bottom of this report


Markets, Charts and more:    

First weekend report since December 17th. With that said,  I had a 4900 SP 500 projection in early November and also followed that up with a 5140-5200 projection a bit further out time wise.

We are in a powerful wave 3 up in Chip Stocks and the QQQ ETF (NASDAQ 100) which I outlined in some charts in a few of my services earlier last week. Recent on a short term basis the markets are arguably a bit extended.

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In the 3x ETF service we are trying to buy a dip in SOXL if we get 34 or below which happened on my projection on Friday.  Also perhaps LABU which has not pulled back enough to hit my entry point (Biotech) as well as long initial positions recently  TNA, SPXL.  We also like YINN as China may bounce up some.

Last week we had 3 SRP stock swing trade positions rip higher and we took profits on three of them from 8-12% and holding 1/2 on all 3 still per rules. STNE, S were two big movers early in the week and GCT was the big mover for SRP stock swing members late in the week.  The futures service got long ES at 4880 and are looking for potentially much higher levels as well.

SOX (Semiconductors) in a Bull Wave 3, may consolidate some near term

 QQQ – NASDAQ 100 in Wave 3 up


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Swing Trade ideas list is updated at the bottom of this report reflecting current market conditions and relative leaders based on my review of fundamentals and chart patterns both.   

In addition to being a member of various services,  you can follow my comments during the week: 


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  • List is updated every Sunday, names removed if they broke out to the upside strongly and or broke down.
  • New names added, many names repeated if still in a bullish pattern.
  • A lot of stocks will pull back harshly right before a big breakout reversal, so be advised

1/28/24 Updated list and updated notes on older names as well-   GCT Ripped big for SRP off last weeks swing trade ideas list, we sold 1/2 for profits per rules.

Click on Symbol to see Chart for each Stock listed 

GSIW – 2nd week on list, highly speculative low floater Post IPO base break . Hong Kong based co provides financial services, asset management through its operating subsidiaries

DKNG  – 8 week base and nearing 52 week highs breakout after recovery.  Operates an online sports platform that enables users to play fantasy games and win cash prizes.

S – Current 1/2 remainder SRP position and can run higher off 5 day and 5 week behavioral consolidation pattern. Provides AI-powered XDR platform to autonomously prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks

PRCT – 3 weeks tight near highs. Manufactures medical and surgical equipment focused on the
treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

GTLB – Back on the list, ripped higher off the list 2 weeks ago but still looks like it can run to more highs. Provides DevOps platform that allows users to build software with a reduced development lifecycle.

STNE – 6 week base near highs, current SRP position we sold 1/2 last week for profits on the pop. Brazilian company provides financial technology solutions for merchants and integrated partners.

PDD – 9 week flat base near highs. We made good profits on this weeks ago and sold before this 9 week lag.  Chinese provider  (Temu) of third-party mobile e-commerce platform for buyers with merchandise shopping experiences.  Needs to hold 135

DASH –  Was on the list at 94 few weeks ago, then off when it broke out. Now in a 3 week ascending base at highs is bullish. Provides restaurant food delivery services via online & mobile application across U.S, Canada, and Australia.

ITCI – 5 week bull flag pullback near highs. Develops small molecule drugs to treat neuropsychiatric and
neurological disorders.

PT – 6-7 weeks tight base near highs .Manufactures fresh pet food sold via company-owned refrigerators
in over 30,000 stores across North America

PCOR6 week base near highs. Provides cloud-based software for modernizing and digitizing construction management.

ALKT –  We made profits on this at SRP but still attractive here near 25. Offers a cloud-based platform that delivers digital banking solutions to U.S. banks and credit unions

INTA – Breaking to the upside on a right side of a deep post IPO base. Provides cloud-based and AI-powered software solutions for the professional and financial services industry. Turned profitable last quarter. 

HG – 9 weeks post IPO tight base closings and pullback this past week offers potentially better entry. Bermuda-based insurance company offers diverse insurance and reinsurance services to clients worldwide. 

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