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Weekly State of the Markets and Swing Trade Ideas Report



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Weekly  Stock Market Forecasts, Charts, and Swing Trading Ideas List and Strategies Report

Week of  July 18th 2022

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Market Notes and this weeks charts:  (Swing Trade Ideas list updated at bottom of this report)

  • Biotech continues to consolidate after a big move up last few weeks (Chart)
  • Chip Stocks trying to confirm a bottom as SOXL Rips this past week (Chart of SOX)
  • QQQ and SP 500 both running up on resistance, if they can get through rally may continue (Charts on both)
  • If you see market start to ignore bad 2nd quarter earnings and outlooks, that will confirm the 3640 SP 500 Bottom

Recent results:   3x ETF and SRP Stock swing services crushed it again this past week

  • 3x ETF legging into LABU as Biotech consolidates recent gains but is a sector leader last 4 weeks
  • Futures service took a loss going short before the market reversed after 2 big wins prior week (still ahead)
  •  SRP Opened new Biotech position for intermediate swing hold that could be 50% plus gainer
  • TPS service about to issue new research report his week first time in months as sectors firm up
  • TPS 7/17: May be issuing a Biotech report this week trading near cash per share, insider buying, and near the Series D round Pre IPO pricing, 60% below the 2021 IPO price, and 1/7 the value targeted by two top analysts for share price.  In discussions with big pharma on non dilutive funding and partnerships.

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General Market Summary and or Charts:  Updated Banister Market and Elliott Wave Views on SP 500 and more

SP 500:  Again, 34 day EMA lines being tested across board. Biotech still consolidating. Big week coming up for earnings and outlooks. NASDAQ in 13 day base ending Friday, could push here soon.

Charts on Semiconductors, QQQ ETF, SP 500, and Biotech XBI ETF

Repeated for reference from June 10th chart showing my projection of 200 week EMA holding near 3640 for SP 500

200 week EMA line for SP 500 as projected and mapped on June 13th came into play for  a low, chart from 6/10 is repeated below for reference (We hit 3640 twice)


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Swing Trade Ideas with a combination of strong fundamentals and attractive behavioral pattern charts combined. List is updated every Sunday, names removed if they broke out to the upside strongly and or broke down. New names added, many names repeated if still in a bullish pattern. A lot of stocks will pull back harshly right before a big breakout reversal, so be advised

Updated List 7/17/22-  Updated list for the near term and intermediate window ahead based on sectors, individual stock fundamental strength, and Banister Behavioral Patterns lining up for strong probable upside.  

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CCRN- Ripped last week at end of week off this list, but putting it on again as the long term uptrend may continue here. As I said here last week, a break over 23 could lead to 29 intermediately now near 26.xx. Provides staffing/outsourcing services, including staffing of travel/per diem nurses/temporary physicians. Strong Growth low PE ratio which is what tutes are buying now

AMN- Back on the list, still uptrending. Ascending base could attack 126 next. Offers permanent and temporary staffing of physicians and nurses to healthcare facilities in the U.S. PE 12

DQ- Back on the list, sloppy 6 week consolidation but could push higher soon. China-based company that manufactures and sells polysilicon to photovoltaic product manufacturers. PE 4

HRMY- Three weeks in a row on the list, moving up but still attractive. Ascending base near highs.   Develops and commercializes therapies for patients living with rare neurological disorders. PE 24

LI- Repeated on list again this week, 2nd week in a row. 4 weeks tight closings could argue for another push to highs. China-based company that designs, manufactures and sells premium smart electric SUVs. Recent quarter saw 176% year over year sales growth and profitable.

CELH- 2nd week in row on list. Last week it pulled back hard with market correction, then recovered. Now in a 2 weeks tight pattern. Could still challenge 102 area ahead. Develops and markets functional calorie-burning fitness beverages under the Celsius brand in U.S.  Seems like a takeover target to me

AMPH- 2nd week in a row on the list. Nice ABC weekly correction over and starting to trend up. Develops, manufactures generic and proprietary injectable, inhalation, and intranasal products

VRTX- 2nd week in a row on the list and frequently last few months. 4 weeks tight closings near 52 week highs breakout. Develops and commercializes therapies for the treatment of cystic fibrosis.

WWE- 2nd week in row on list, now a 7 week base near highs, could make a push soon. Media/entertainment Co engaged in production/marketing of TV and pay-per-view programming and live events.

IMXI- Current SRP position. 3rd week on list.  May break out of 16 plus week consolidation. Provides money remittance services, wire transfer, money order, and check cashing in 100,000 payer locations. Banister pattern. PE 12

EXEL- 3rd week in row on list. 4 weeks tight closings looks like bullish Flag pattern. Biotech company develops novel small molecule therapies to treat cancer.

RGP- Current SRP recent position. 3rd week on list, still looks good on this consolidation. Very profitable services business and could continue the rally. Provides accounting, finance, human resources and legal consulting services with 63 offices in 21 countries.

AHCO- Post IPO base in medical equipment area. Provides home medical equipment and respiratory therapy services to
empower patients out of the hospital. PE 17… 4 week ascending base could push higher.

RBA- 3rd week in row on the list. 3 weeks tight closings although last week it took out stop losses but recovered strongly into the end of the trading week.  Operates 40 auction sites and conducts auctions of trucks and equipment, globally in more than 12 countries.

ATGE- On the list again, 4 week ascending base this one keeps ticking higher with low PE ratio. Provides post-secondary education to students via 22 locations in 11 states and internationally.

VRRM- 7 week base pattern. PE 20. Develops using the latest technology and data intelligence to help make
transportation safer and easier

VIR- Looks like it could run to 40 from 30 area perhaps. Develops and commercializes therapeutics to treat and prevent serious infectious diseases.

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