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Weekly State of the Markets and Swing Trading Ideas Report



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Weekly  Stock Market and Trading Strategies Report Week of  July 12th

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Notes on indicators and charts:

  • QQQ in powerful wave 3 (Chart)
  • SP 500 in Wave 3 of 5 of 3 (Powerful, Chart)
  • XBI ETF (Biotech) trying to break out of wedge pattern (Chart)
  • IWM ETF in 5 month sideways base pattern (Chart)
  • SP 500 heading to my 4600 long standing target it looks like intermediately

Recent results: 

  • SRP alerted BKE on Thursday, rallied almost 6% on Friday, 4 other open positions basing
  • 3x ETF working back into SOXL and moving green for us late in the week
  • Tipping Point Stocks about to release new research report this week on Real Estate Platform play
  • Futures service missed a few epic long entries on correctly forecasted pullbacks just barely

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General Market Summary:  Updated Banister Market and Elliott Wave Views on SP 500 and more

 SP 500  and General Market Commentary 

4600 is continuing to be on the radar for the SP 500 as my longstanding intermediate price target I put out in March this year.  Overall the obvious evidence is markets moving to the upside. We are in a powerful 3rd wave in both the SP 500 and the QQQ (Tech Stocks).  The small caps and Biotech have not fared as well on a relative basis, but they could both regain leadership in the weeks ahead.  Take a look at the IWM ETF chart which again remains in a 5 month rooftop pattern and trying still to breakout. Also we have the Biotech  ETF XBI with a possible attempt coming up to break out of a wedge pattern.

Bottom line is healthy markets remain for swing trading and we may finally get some movement in small caps. If you are small cap focused on a long term portfolio strategy like I tend to be, its been a long 4-5 months of grinding.

 Chart this week on  SP 500, IWM ETF, QQQ ETF, XBI ETF





Tipping Point Stocks- Wealth building looking for multi-baggers before the crowd comes in, 9 stocks have more than doubled since June 2020.  Looking to add Crypto analysis near term after this correction cycle winds down in Bitcoin etc. Crypto 3.0 research and advisory added soon! Recent new pick that is a SPAC about to complete a merger just out recently and in buy ranges! New position in the Real Estate TECH area is soon to be profiled as well possibly week of July 12th.

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Advice for 2019

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Swing Trade Ideas with a combination of strong fundamentals and attractive behavioral pattern charts combined. List is updated every Sunday, names removed if they broke out to the upside strongly and or broke down. New names added, many names repeated if still in a bullish pattern. A lot of stocks will pull back harshly right before a big breakout reversal, so be advised

 Updated List 7/11/21

GRWG- Long consolidation and now right side of this base trying to move higher last 2 weeks. Engaged in the distribution of organic nutrients, soils, hydroponic equipment to commercial and home growers.

CELH- 6 week base overall. SRP has played this a few times for profits of late. Develops and markets functional calorie-burning fitness beverages under the Celsius brand in U.S.

INMD- Moving up out of 5 weeks tight pattern off last weeks list and now a breakout to new highs, again… Israeli seller of radio frequency devices used in minimally & non-invasive cosmetic procedures, women’s health

NET- 4 week ascending base at or near highs. Develops software for fi rewall, routing, traffi c optimization, load
balancing, and other network services.

CLF- 5 week recent base near highs.  Producer of fl at-rolled steel and supplier of iron ore pellets in
North America

SNAP- 5 month overall base near highs. Operates the popular Snapchat mobile application for Android and
iOS devices.

CRCT- 7 week base with recent pullback on this Post IPO play. If it holds 33 that would be key. Sells computer-controlled machines used by home crafters to cut paper, fabrics, leather and other materials.

SKY- 7 week base near highs .Manufactures single- and multi-section homes, modular homes
and park models.

SPT- 4 weeks tight base near highs. Provides a platform for businesses to manage social media
engagement, publishing and analytics.

AVTR- 3 weeks tight pattern near highs. Provides mission critical products and services to customers in
biotech, health care, education, government and tech industries.

YETI- 13 week tight base, this should break out. Designs, manufactures and marketing innovative and outstanding
outdoor products.

TASK- 5 week Post IPO base, current SRP open position. Provides digital outsourcing focused on serving tech companies to represent, protect and grow their brands

UPWK- 3 weeks tight base on right side of multi month base, close to breakout. Operates an online platform that connects businesses and freelancers and clients in over 180 countries

AMN- 5 weeks tight base near highs. Offers permanent and temporary staffi ng of physicians and nurses to
healthcare facilities in the U.S.

DKS- 7 week base near highs. Operates 854 Dick’s Sporting Goods stores in 47 states and 98 Golf
Galaxy stores in 35 states and e-commerce  

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