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Weekly State of the Markets and Swing Trading Ideas Report



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Weekly  Stock Market and Trading Strategies Report Week of  October 26th

“Dave:  Since April 14th:  I’ve closed 58 trades that I’ve done in SRP and 3xETF; 41 positive; 11 negative; 6 even.  That’s 70.7% positive; 19% negative and 10.3% even.  Anyone that doesn’t believe your accuracy you can send them my numbers.  Once again, thanks for your teaching, your consistency, your patience and, overall, for what you do.  “The presence of knowledge, without the intent of sharing, is the greatest of vanities.”  Now where did I first hear that quote?” 

G. Harris- 10/4/20


  • Market continues in 8 week overall base (SP 500) ahead of Election (Chart)
  • GOLD not confirming bullish pattern just yet (Chart)
  • XBI ETF (Biotech) in a 3 week consolidation, looks bullish (Chart)
  • IWM ETF (Small Caps) looks bullish as well (Chart)
  • Mercury in Retrograde until November 3rd (Volatility/Communications effect)
  • Swing Trading remains very attractive on individual names

Recent results:

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Another great week across the 4 services for members:

  • Stocks-  Big gain in new alert CME early in week, we sold 1/2 for 8-12% gains
  • 3x ETF-  Riding LABU we doubled up and remain long, nice move up end of week
  • ES Futures-  Small loss trading wise, guiding to 3600 plus by end of quarter
  • TPS- INMD looks ripe to buy here at end of October window (Long Term Growth Stocks)

General Market Summary:  Updated Banister Market and Elliott Wave Views on SP 500

 SP 500  and Market Commentary 

Nothing much to add, 8 week overall base in SP 500 and the market in general.  We are also in Mercury Retrograde from Oct 13 to November 3rd which can often add some communications confusion and misinterpretations, which can lead to more volatility than normal in the behavior of market participants etc.

IWM ETF continues to look bullish , see the chart 

XBI ETF (Biotech) also looks strong and we remain long via LABU in the 3x ETF service having doubled down

Gold is not confirming a bullish move ahead just yet


Charts: XBI ETF, IWM ETF, SP 500 Weekly, GOLD Weekly:




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Advice for 2019

In addition to being a member of various services,  you can follow my comments during the week: 

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Each week I try to come up with some fresh ideas, repeats as well if they have not broken out yet, or I remove prior ideas if they already ran up.  CRSR a big mover last week off this list (PC/Gaming components)

 Ideas:  Some repeated if still looking bullish and others newly added

Repeated Names:  5

 AMD- 13 week overall corrective base for Chip maker, just above 10 week line, looks bullish  

DT- 19 week overall base for this Post IPO security play 

FIZZ- 9 week base, moving up right side of base and could break out.  Beverages maker 

MRVL- 2 weeks tight base near 52 week highs. Integrated Circuit maker for various industries.

VIVO- 3 weeks tight flag base pattern. Diagnostic kit test maker for various indications

New Names: 8 

PFSI- 6 week base testing 10 week EMA line on pullback. Residential Mortgage business

CDNS- 13 week cup and handle base. Electronic Design Automation

APPS- Sharp pullback after a big runup off our weekly list a few weeks ago. Testing 10 week EMA line. Developer of Mobile software

ARRY- 2 week Post IPO run up. Designs ground mounting systems for solar installations

GO- 3 weeks tight base, right side of a cup and handle pattern. 347 grocery discount outlets

AVLR- 3 weeks tight near 52 week highs. Cloud based software solutions improving accuracy and automation

FSLR- 3 week ascending base near 52 week highs. Manufacturer and seller of solar modules

GRBK- 3 weeks tight base near 52 week highs breakout, testing 10 week EMA line. Land and Home building business

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