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Weekly State of the Markets and Swing Trading Ideas Report


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Weekly  Stock Market and Trading Strategies Report Week of  May 26th

“At a time like this, I really appreciate people like you who have chosen to give back/pay it forward when it’d prob be easier to just trade for yourself. Thanks for literally sharing the wealth!”  Cam- 3x ETF member


  • Overall market remains in consolidation base
  • NYSE/Markets sprint north last week early in week and then consolidate
  • Biotech remains strongest sector and may continue into 2021 (Updated Chart)
  • Updated charts on NYSE and SP 500
  • New list of Stock Swing Trade Ideas and several repeated

Recent results and notes: Stock ,ETF , and SP 500 Futures Swing Trading Results

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Another great week across the various swing trading and or long term services.  We took strong gains in a Semi-Conductor stock and issued new swing alerts in several base pattern plays, three of which were moving up nicely on Friday afternoon. The 3x ETF service went 3x BULL on two positions and both are in the green slightly and carrying into this weeks trading. The futures service logged another 47 point profit win, and the TPS long term service saw a huge move up in several positions during the week, notably CRBP is in a strong uptrend. Spread your bets and join several services for best results.

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General Market Summary:  Updated Banister Market and Elliott Wave Views on SP 500

 SP 500 and Other Index commentary:

Last weeks notes on NYSE Pattern:

“Bottom line is we had a nice correction this past week as I had projected was likely.  Bullish Dumb Money, Put to Call ratios, and a light SP 500 correction relative to the 5 waves up off March 23 lows has me still in the watch for deeper pullback mode between now and Mid June.  NYSE has to surge up shortly or we could work lower across the indices.

The NYSE has completed an ABC correction after a 5 wave move  which MAY qualify as a correction low this past week.  Must surge as I said above.”

We ended up surging as required early in the week so the Bulls continued their run. After an early pop, the markets trended the rest of the week in terms of the indexes.  This means the recent ABC correction in the NYSE and other indexes may have qualified for an interim low and looks like we have.  I play it one week at a time since most of my work is swing trading based, but for now the outlook remains neutral to bullish with a continuing focus on Biotech, Medical Tech, and Technology swing trading in general.

To be a successful long term trader, you need multiple arrows in your quiver.  3x ETF, Individual Stocks, Futures, and Momentum Long term growth plays all come into play to cover all market environments and cover your bases and opportunities at the same time. Assess the market behavioral patterns, drill down into the top sectors, drill further into the top plays or stocks, and trade accordingly.

Updated charts and notes: NYSE Flat Base, SP 500, XBI ETF (Biotech Breakout)

NYSE is in a 31 trading day base, once again late this coming week we may see a large move one way or another. It would appear to be bullish at this time, but look for a sharp spike later in the trading week out of this range.

The crash into March 23rd happened over 5 Fibonacci weeks with a 35% decline in the SP 500.  Now stalling out a bit with a consolidation. The retracement was a near 78% fibonacci pullback of the  entire 4 year move up from 1810!! Historically high speed crash and hence the snap back rally.

The Early March gap this year has now closed with the recent rally.  Weekly chart below:

Biotech: Likely to continue to lead into 2021, this is the sector I have focused on since March lows.  Just broke out of Summer 2018 highs


 Other Indicators and or Charts:

Advisor’s start turning more bullish: (Contrarian signal, but still room to move a little higher)

Advisors are now 49% Bulls and 24% Bears.   (Last week 47 Bulls and 26 Bears).  At the bottom or near bottom after the first bounce we were around 41% Bears and 30% Bulls, this has now reversed and Bears are dropping like flies.


Advice for 2019

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It’s a New Economy, think outside the box:  

Each week I try to come up with some fresh ideas, repeats as well if they have not broken out yet, or I remove prior ideas if they already ran up.

Last weeks big winners were DT up 13% and PFSI up 12%

Price per share doesn’t matter, what matters is % movement!

Repeated from Last week:  6 from last week 

CATS- 3rd week in a row on list, could have sharp rebound as Tele-Health play ahead

AMD 6 weeks consolidation base pattern for chip leader

SFM- 3 week corrective base, Covid 19 healthy eating trend play. Organic and Vegan diets accelerating

KL- Gold miners consolidating and could run if Gold breaks back to the upside,5 weeks pattern

INVA- 7 week flat base, New CEO, develops small molecule drugs for respiratory disease with Glaxo

NLOK- Norton Security combined with LifeLock, 15 week overall base near highs. Internet security play.

6 New Names for 5/26:

BCRX- We made 57% on this as a swing at SRP recently, but now consolidating for another possible run up

ZYXI- Returning to the list, this name has done well. 4 week ascending base, Pain management

PLMR- 6 month overall base, Property Insurance

GAN- Ascending Post IPO Base, EPS due 5/25, Gaming Software for sports gambling

BMRN- 5 weeks tight pattern near highs. Pharmaceuticals

CHGG- 3 weeks tight base near 52 week highs. Online books and more services for Colleges etc. Corona Play.

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