Stock Reversals | Strategy Tip – Trading POST IPO Base plays for Profits
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Strategy Tip – Trading POST IPO Base plays for Profits

One of our favorite Swing Trade plays at is the Post IPO Base play.

As part of this strategy, we look for recent IPO’s that perhaps have pulled back hard from the IPO price for various reasons, and or have consolidated for a specific period of time.

Often a multi week or 13 or 21 day base period is a good time to enter into a quality IPO before the next leg up or a reversal leg up.

Swing trading strategy tip - alerts graph chart

This week we entered IQ, a recent Chinese Video Streaming service similar to Netflix that went public into a tough market at $18 per share.  We entered at $16.30 looking for $18 plus in our alert report to SRP Members.

Today we took 1/2 off the table for 17% gains in under 3 trading days as the stock rallied up as we projected. The stock is now at $19  up from $16.30 alert 3 days prior.

We then  tend to hold the final 1/2 of the trade and move our stops up until we either close it out or get stopped out at some level of profit on the final 1/2  as well.

A $5,000 position would have yielded $700 in profits in just 3 days, less than the cost of the Annual Subscription!!

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