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The Weekly Swing Trade Ideas List

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Swing Trade Ideas with a combination of strong fundamentals and attractive behavioral pattern charts combined. List is updated every Sunday, names removed if they broke out to the upside strongly and or broke down. New names added, many names repeated if still in a bullish pattern. A lot of stocks will pull back harshly right before a big breakout reversal, so be advised

Updated List 7/31/22-  Updated list for the near term and intermediate window ahead based on sectors, individual stock fundamental strength, and Banister Behavioral Patterns lining up for strong probable upside.  

SWING TRADING 101– Click to review my 10 plus keys to profitable and consistent swing trading I’ve used since 2009

CRDO- 26 week Post IPO base pattern, could break to highs soon. Provides Serializer-Deserializer technology, high-speed connectivity solutions to break bandwidth barriers.

ARIS- Post IPO base pattern, could break out of 9 week cup pattern to highs. Provides infrastructure and solutions to directly help Oil and Gas customers reduce their water and carbon footprints Earnings due Aug 3.

DRVN- May be breaking out of a base pattern soon to highs. Provides automotive services like paint, collision, glass, vehicle repair, oil change, maintenance/car wash.

HRMY- 6 week overall base, pulled back recently but still bullish chart. Five weeks in a row on the list, moving up but still attractive. Ascending base near highs.   Develops and commercializes therapies for patients living with rare neurological disorders. PE 23  Earnings Due Aug 2

AMN- 5 week base near highs. Recovering from prior week drop from 124 to 110.  As long as 110 area holds also OK.   Offers permanent and temporary staffing of physicians and nurses to healthcare facilities in the U.S. PE 12  Earnings due Aug 4th, have beat estimates 7 quarters in a row. Analysts looking for 2.97 per share profit.

CCRN- On the list again, 3 weeks consolidation, but it did finally pullback two weeks ago, and again may offer better entry here.  30.51 high to 25 area on a week agoFriday, as long as it holds 23 area should be ok. Could push again here to test highs of 30.xx   Earnings due Aug 3rd

DQ- 2 weeks in a row on the list, nice consolidation here. 6  week overall base holding the 10 week ema line still. China-based company that manufactures and sells polysilicon to photovoltaic product manufacturers.

CELH- 4th week in row on list.   Could still challenge 102 area ahead. Develops and markets functional calorie-burning fitness beverages under the Celsius brand in U.S.  Seems like a takeover target to me

ATGE- SRP Position now, 3rd week in row on list and has been alot of late. 5 week ascending base this one keeps ticking higher with low PE ratio. Provides post-secondary education to students via 22 locations in 11 states and internationally.

AMPH- 4 weeks tight consolidation, could make a move. Develops, manufactures generic and proprietary injectable,
inhalation and intranasal products. Earnings due Aug 9

AXNX- 4 weeks tight closings, earnings due Monday. Develops, and commercialization of sacral neuromodulation
solutions treat patients with overactive bladder

EQNR- 16 week base, close to breakout to highs. Norwegian Co engaged in exploration/production of oil and gas and
refining/marketing of petroleum products. 6 Billion share buyback, dividends going way up, smashing estimates. 2nd largest european producer of Natty Gas

CEG- Close to Post IPO base breakout to highs. Earnings due Aug 4. Provides power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services in U S.

EVH- 4 weeks tight closings, could break to the upside here near 52 week highs. Develops end-to-end, built-for-purpose, technology-enabled service platforms for value-based healthcare. 2nd week in row on list

PBRA- Close to breakout to highs. Brazil-based company engaged in the exploration, refining, production,
and distribution of oil and gas.

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