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Stock Swing Trade Ideas

13 Swing Trade Ideas for the week of May 13th by The Market Analysts Group

Commentary: Last Week ZS broke out with a 9% upside move after being on the list a few weeks in a row.  Also GH broke to the upside 10% for the week on positive news, had been on the list 3 weeks in a row in a base.  BLD also broke out off our list last weekend with a 12% weekly gain.  — Dave

This weeks list is at the bottom of this update.

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Each weekend as part of our Weekly Forecast and Trade Ideas report, we update our subscribers on the market forecasts using our Elliott Wave analysis which is combined with a few additional indicators to keep us in check and on the right side of the markets.  In addition, we have a list of some of our best ideas each week for free.

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Swing Trade Candidates: Weekly list of ideas

  • Each week we provide 8-15 Swing Trade ideas to consider as part of our  Swing Trade Alert service.
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Last week, despite all of the major markets posting negative returns, a handful of names from our list did quite well.  COUP broke out nicely with a 6% move.  Also, MDB was up almost 8%, as had been in a 9 week base.  SE and PYPL were up between 2-4% or the week.

We have 13 names this week, 3 repeated from last week as some already broke out.


The only CBD Pure Play listed on a US Exchange. CBD Oil is derived from Hemp Plants and contains no THC, but is being used more and more by consumers and pets. Growth rates are exploding and this is in a 4 week base. (SRP has a position as of last week) Could pull back to 5.50 and then run to 8.50-8.80 in next few months. New product lines coming out shortly.


We have profiled this at 66, 71, and now its 75 but on a weekly basis, looks poised to run to highs still. Liquid Biopsy developer that  could change the standard of care for Cancer Tissue testing. In a 13 week base, near 76 this could run to 100 plus ahead.


Broke out of 11 week base last week, it has been on our list for 3 weeks now. Still looks good for a run.


6 Week post IPO base consolidation now near highs again.  Company builds and operates electronic marketplaces.


Ascending base pattern on the weekly, holding 13 wma and looks locked and loaded.  Company provides software development products for organizations.


10 week corrective base, breaking up late last week after a dip below 8 and then a reversal after earnings on strong volume.  Company produces and distributes medical cannabis products. This sector has been consolidating for 8-10 weeks on average. Would like to see it hold last weeks low of 7.90 though.


12 week base, so may consolidate one more  week and then move up. Weekly cup and handle .Medical device company for people with insulin-dependent diabetes.


4 week base near highs, showing relative strength despite market selloff.  Company provides provides domain name registry services and Internet infrastructure.


2 week break to the upside, if this can clear 7.40 it could run. Looks like weekly inverse H&S forming on heavy volume.  Company develops and sells cameras, drones, and mountable and wearable accessories.


Breaking up out of right side of base, and could see 55-60 shortly.  Company focuses on developing and commercializing oral therapies for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease.


Breaking up out of right side of 9 week base.  Company focuses on the acquisition, ownership and management of specialized industrial properties leased to experienced, state-licensed operators for their regulated medical-use cannabis facilities. 


4 week overall consolidation after gap up, could be a week early, but this is a great setup.  Social media platform company. Would like to see it hold $36 area.


10 week base looking great for setup.  Company provides camera application that helps people to communicate through short videos and images. Needs to hold that $9.90 area