Stock Reversals | Market beating opportunities from our weekly reports – Part 1
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Market beating opportunities from our weekly reports – Part 1

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What makes the team at StockReversals unique – Base Patterns and Market Maps

In this multi part series, we will give you a few examples of how we use a combination of behavioral patterns combined with fundamentals to project swing trade moves in our favor in advance.

  1. MARKET MAPS:  By first determining whether the market has upside or downside pressure, we are able to use our proprietary analysis tools to help investors find the best winning opportunities.
  • We combine market timing to an extent using our Elliott Wave based recipe which has some added twits others do not incorporate for our SP 500 road map.
  • We are also very tuned into fundamentals and technical’s on each stock we consider in order  to produce winning swing trade ideas.

Here is a November 28th Pre-Market SP 500 chart model, calling for a double bottom and 2744 possible. 

  • Given we were turning bullish ,we issued two swing trade alerts prior to this forecast in the prior 2 days. 
  • That same day the market rallied exactly to 2744! (Before and After Charts)

Here is what happened: 2744 hit on nose, ahead of this move up we alerted two new swing trades

Swing Trades: Here’s an example from 8/23:

Mentioned in our free 8/20 weekend report with 14 other ideas, we pointed out an 8 day base pattern.

In addition, we alerted this trade at Stock Reversals Premium on 8/20, taking 8% Gains on 1/2 the Position less than 4 days later for nice profits.

3 days after that, we alerted a final sell, taking 13% Gains on the Final 1/2 Position.

This also worked with 3X ETF TNA, based on our market maps for a 16% gain!














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