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SRP Swing Trade Alert- AHCO

A real time Stock Reversals Premium stock swing trade alert for reference on what we do. I usually alert 2-3 trades a week on average, and we have 5-8 positions open at a time. I cover them every morning in pre market, we give buy and sell alerts and ranges and ongoing advice as we hold positions.  We use stop near close of trading day 95% of the time, not intra-day.  We have hit 70% of our trade for profits since 2009.

More details at and use coupon code SAVE25 to join for 25% off.  I also run The 3x ETF and ES Futures trading rooms here on stocktwits and have 64,000 followers. Member since 2013.

AHCO 21.30 area

  • Trading at 4.5x market cap to EBITDA (Cash Flow Metric) or a 22% return on Market Cap.
  • Also a 200 million dollar buyback announced May 10th and it looks like they are buying regularly including this week (See Chart)
  • This is close to a breakout and on the weekly swing trade ideas list.
  • A move over 21.75 could launch this to 24.50 plus area for a nice 15- 20% potential gainer for SRP

Post IPO base in medical equipment area. Provides home medical equipment and respiratory therapy services to
empower patients out of the hospital. PE 17… 4 week ascending base could push higher.

Reasonable PE ratio of 17 and with Post Covid economy more at home deliveries and visits are now common to their healthcare patients.  The Company provides a full suite of medical products and solutions designed to help patients manage chronic conditions in the home, adapt to challenges in their activities of daily living, and thrive. CPAP machines were back ordered as well and now in supply and deliveries are way up.

Note the Volume Bars on chart, I believe this likely random buybacks as part of the 200 Million authorization given on May 10th by management to buy back shares

Trade Advice:

Max entry 21.75 add to 20

Stop 19.50 Near Close of Trading Day

Target 24.50 plus for 15% plus swing potential