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Market and Stock Ideas and Updates March 1st

SR- Market and Stock Ideas Updates for Members- Emailed to SR Opted in Members 3/1/17

Great decision to join Premium. I Made back more than 3 months of membership costs in just my first trade on IDCC. I’ve been a free member a long time, now I wonder how much I missed over the years. Thank you! A. Narsman 2/14/17

March rolls in with a bang!

We wanted to update our SR members on some stocks we have recommended in the past few months in reports to you and also a few fresh ideas (YIN, BABA, Solar etc)

PCRX- Ripping higher by 30% today to 52 week highs at $50 per share, with a high today of $58.  We had written about this many times to SR members as a 2017 turnaround play from $37 per share.  Now up about 37%. The provider of Exparel which is an opioid post surgical alternative. We wrote about it in early December 2016 at $32 area, so now at $51 this is up 60%

NBEV- We recommended at $2.70, it doubled, up 100% to $5.50 then they did an offering at $3.50. This healthy beverages company is back in good buy ranges near 3.50 and a speculative stock. We assume you took some profits on the 100% gain or at least along the way! The business is growing fast.

CELG- We have pounded the table on Celgene as our favorite 2017 and beyond Blue Chip Biotech stock, finally breaking out here at 125 area.  We have a fair value over $200 in 12 months as possible, crazy as it sounds.

A few fresh ideas... YIN is trading at 7x earnings with 65% recent growth rates. Chinese precious metals and commodities trading firm.  No debt, 190 million in cash, trading at 6x earnings when you strip out the cash. Nobody paying attention, now at 18.40, we first wrote it up for SR members near $12 last year.

BABA– Alibaba in nice 6 week base pattern,  could run to $121 from $104. Put your stop at 99.90 near the close of the market.

Solar Stocks– We advised these in our Jan 27th weekly forecast report, they are up 30-50% since.

SP 500 we had a target of 2406, its now 2383…. so getting close. If we hit 2406 and go over it will be an extended Wave 3, stay tuned for the Sunday Forecast report this weekend.

Swing Trades on Fire!

SRP Members have had 22 of 26 trades closed for profits year to date. We use an approach to trading that is contrarian and probably now what you are used to, that is why for 3 1/2 years since inception we have hit 77% of our trades for profits and crushed the indexes. Read up and consider joining at 

In 2017 so far we have closed 22 of 26 trade tranches for profits!  For all of 2016 we had 77% of our Swing Trades as winners!