Stock Reversals | 2019: Year of the Micro Cap Stocks
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2019: Year of the Micro Cap Stocks

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Is 2019 THE YEAR of the Micro Cap Breakout?

2018 was a wild year for stocks of all sizes – Large, Mid and Small/Micro.  The broad indexes fell anywhere from 10-15% in the Spring as well as down 15-20% in the Fall/Winter!

The Micro Cap index was down a whopping -27% from July to December, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for stock picking in our Stock Reversals Swing Trading and Tipping Point Stocks Premium services.

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SOLO (Electra Meccanica)- Our early January Buy Report company

Maximum Entry $1.40 adding to $1.20

Original chart from that report issued 1/4/19:

On 2/13, just 5 weeks later, we issued a sell alert around 3.00, for over a 150% gain. Some members held a little longer and sold at higher prices as we advised to use a $2.80 stop near close of market and ride, the stock hit as high as $6.74!!

We tweeted an excerpt from an email we got where a happy TPS member grew her trading account from $65,000 to $105,000 thanks to this trade!

HYRE (Hyrecar) $3.50 Buy Report Jan 10th to TPS Members, High of $5.83 on 2/26 for 70% plus

Maximum Entry $4 per share adding on dips to $3.25 if they happen

Original chart from that report issued 1/11/19:

Since then, price has already met our initial target!!

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