Been a great year guys. I’ve been premium for only a month, and overall doing/learning so much from the service, not to mention watching my portfolio grow so much more than pre mixed funds… You save me so much time in research hours, allowing me to just do my day job and enjoy free time with the family…
Happy New Years — can’t wait for 2014!!!
Danny Podolack Premium member

Already loving the service. I think this will turn out to be one of the better investment decisions I have made.
Thanks, Anthony Grunstein (SRP Member)

 I found you guys a couple months ago and had a few of my best trades on your recommendations.  LITB, DATA and INVN.  I didn’t get in on the “protein trade”  but am bummed I didn’t.   It had a giant run in the beginning for sure. 

Gary (Premium Reversals Member)

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. You have made some killer picks. Thank you again. You have helped so much.
Michael Lynch
Aug 2013
sr twits 2

MY compliments Guys..last 3 picks were spectacular..

David Cifronti

Thank you Stockreversals.

I have been in the Market for over 7 years and I have to say that you guys are realy amazing. Your generosity is realy appreciated!

Mark Litwin

I like micro-caps!  🙂   Thanks for all your hard work!

Mark Ferris

I will be one of your first paying customers. Your work has already convinced me.  I am already paying some other guys, but their picks suck. I would rather pay the fee to you  guys. I can easily make that back and more in one trade.

Chery Dukens

Awesome – simply awesome!  Thank you!

Have a great day and super weekend!

Christina Axtmann

You guys are sick!!!!!!!  I’m gonna stop messing around with swing trading and just do what you’re suggesting.


Johnny Trann

Great work. solid effort.

Brandon Kim

ROCK ON! keep up the greattttt work

Wade Firnhaber

can’t wait for your next pick! thanks for your hard work

Stocky Stocker