Shipping Stocks Ready to Soar- Inflation Trade

The inflation trade is going to sneak up on you if your not prepared as an investor. The under-performance of the Steel, Shipping, Coal, Natural Gas and other commodity related sectors is about to end, and abruptly at that we think.

We have our favorites and will be alerting our free trade alert members to a few likely in the coming few days.

Here is just one of them, Navios Maritime:

A clear ABC correction pattern has ended, the C wave is truncated (closes higher than the A wave lows), which is bullish.

We also think fundamentally that the Baltic Dry Index is about to soar and will push shipping stocks higher.

Those with the higher betas will benefit the most, as in NM and BALT to name a few, also DSX and probably GNK somewhat in that order

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NM says buy any pullbacks towards $4 if there is one and look for the spider 2y Banana move…

317 nm