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April 5th- Weekend Edition- Ideas, Forecasts, and More!

A volatile week ended with a further sell off in Biotech Stocks, Growth stocks, MOMO stocks, Facebook, Amazon, Linked-In, Biogen and the list goes on and on.

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Market wise… questions…

What now?

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When does Biotech Bottom?

What about Gold?

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Weekend Edition- Market Opportunities Knocking!

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We like to point out what is happening, what is likely to happen ahead, and 10-12 of our best ideas.

We think Gold is bottoming soon, Gold stocks bottoming, Biotech close to bottom, Coal stocks attractive (ACI), and an Immunotherapy stock we have mentioned a few times recently just showed up as a PRO article and Editors Choice/Best idea winner this weekend!


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Market in Trouble? Our views and Charts 3/26/14

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The SP 500 Index has been holding up, but is likely about to break.  The weight of all the growth stocks and former MOMO plays underneath it that are falling apart will soon take the index down to the 1800 area if not 1775 we think. This could occur over the next 10 days or so.  BUILD A LIST OF STOCKS TO BUY!!… READ ON…

326 sp 500


Stocks like Twitter, Facebook, Tableau Software (DATA), Solar City (SCTY), Biotechs and more have been slammed in the past few weeks while the indexes mask the issues.  See some charts below for our thoughts. BIOTECH not quite at a bottom, but about 7% away index wise we think (See chart below also)

326 twtr 326 data 326 biotech


What about GOLD?  We warned about the frothy nature in our March 16th weekend report in black and white.  We said too many people were in the trade and it was trending too popular and was likely to decline/correct. Gold is off about $90 an ounce in 10 days since that mention.  What next?  Probably 1260′s before a real bottom in our opinion

326 gold


In short, too many traders were too giddy on growth stocks and margin levels were at 5 year highs several weeks ago. We suspect the market is going through a normal revaluation and re-evaluation of fair value right now.  We also suspect traders are getting margin calls and learning another lesson.

So what may work near term and ahead?

Coal stocks are beat into the ground.  This week we noted Goldman Sachs, Jefferies, and other major brokerage firms downgrading them across the board.  Particularly we are interested in Arch Coal which is forming a rooftop bottoming pattern on the long term charts. If you are a contrarian, we think when Wall Street yells at you to sell something (Like they did with Gold in early January), that its probably time to buy.

326 aci long 326 aci short


Emerging markets got their butts kicked in the past months, but now may be getting some love

326 eem


We would build a list of strong companies and watch sectors for bottoming signals. Biotech was way overdone, but there are some very promising companies who we would love to buy cheaper in the next 7-10 days.  There could be a serious snap back rally in the better names once the sector completes the washout. The largest correction in over 12 months.

Gold stocks like MUX which doubled from our 1.85 mention in late December to 3.70, and now 2.45 are getting interesting… have a list of those to buy if Gold gets near 1265 or so.

That’s all for now, but prepare for an index correction ahead and watch that 1847 key line on the SP 500

March 22nd Weekend Edition

We are sharing our Stock Reversals Premium service “Weekend Edition” with our Free subscribers again this weekend.

We try to give some commentary on the past week, the market technical views, thoughts ahead, and also 8-12 of our best near term ideas for further research and review.

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