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4/6 Update: Our February 5th 2015 Attack Capital Research report on QURE just turned up a 66% 8 week gain!!

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Our research report on ICEL 3/23/15-  Bought out 7 days later for 107% gain

URL Link: MARCH 12 REPORT ON TREVENA (TRVN) (35% in 10 days)

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We wrote up XON at 21, CHRS at 14, DATA at 58, BLUE at 23, CLDX at 14 , KITE at 33, TRVN at $5.75 and more for Free members.

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By the way,  after about six weeks as a member, I must say you’ve been spot on for the most part.  When your not, your up front with why, no games.  It has been a true pleasure to join a group that actually seems to consistently know what it’s doing.  Thanks.  GH


 As of March 24th 2015 over 6,000 traders and investors follow our work on StockTwits.com, and the site itself has recently endorsed our work and advised people to follow us… see note below!

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Recent Reports Emailed to Opted In members:

CHRS at $13.50 in November 2014-  $32 recently, 130% Gain in 3 months  REPORT LINK
CMPR at $70 in December 2014-  $84 a few weeks later for 20%
TWTR at $37 December 24th 2014- $49 6 weeks later for 30%
QURE at $19 in January-  $26 4 weeks later for 33%
CLDN at $17.80 in January- $26 8 weeks later for 45%
TRVN March 12th our latest!!

Our Biotech research is leading edge and before crowds get in. Even Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center: an NCI-Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center is following us on Twitter.

We wrote up Intrexon (XON) in October 2013 in a full report at $21. We pounded the table in December 2013, it has more than doubled since as people figured it out…. we figured it out early though… that is key to big gains!

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125% GAINER ON CHRS— A Biosimilar Biotech we pounded table on after it’s IPO, the stock went from $13.50 in our Full report we E-mailed members to $32 in 3 months!!

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Some of our recent research report picks in 2014-15:

KITE at $33 (110% 3 months); BLUE at $23 (up 400% in 7 months; ISIS at $35 (up 100% in 6 months); EXAS up 70% in 3 months. CHRS up 130% in 10 weeks; CLDN up 66% in 7 weeks; QURE up 30% in 5 weeks; TWTR up 35% in 10 weeks and more…

Stock reversals has been really spot on in the short time that I have followed them, indicating that their analysis is really spot on. I have taken small stakes in many of their recommendations and my only regret is that I did not invest bigger.  -MHChangster- SeekingAlpha.com comments

We cover alot more than Biotech, but its one of our specialty areas we will update you on with ideas all year long  Current favorites are ONCS and CLDN for 2015 for potential 3-4 bagger upside.


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This is a great trading site with real time posts from thousands of Traders, including us.  There is a variety of skill levels at StockTwits, and we have a following of over 4,300 active traders currently.  StockReversals was started anonymously by us to help investors and traders with ideas and alerts for free. You can follow our account there and see our day to day posts on a variety of stocks, trade ideas, charts and / or markets.

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We have contributed hundreds of articles over the past few years on a variety of financial websites and continue to do so. We just recently set up a Seeking Alpha contributor profile and we were quickly approved to publish articles on stocks, markets, and more. Seeking Alpha Certification only comes if the publishers approve our content, and that we also agree to a strong ethics and disclosure agreement for every article.



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